Hello there!

I am Michał (the "ch" is pronounced like "h" in helicopter and "ł" is pronounced like "wh" in white) and I am a hobbyist game developer. Below you can see my creations :)


Grevicor's Project Terrae (working title)

The project I am currently working on. The plans are quite ambitious. I want to create a top-down RPG game with procedurally generated world and online co-op (and maybe a bit of PvP) for up to four players. The game would support features such as dungeon exploration, gathering materials, crafting, building shelters/houses, a story and so on. The game is currently on a very early stage and I am not sure if I'll be ever able to finish it but I am doing my best :)
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You can check the current progress here:

Lucid Path

My first game published on Steam. Lucid Path is an experiment, an attempt to create a game which is one of its kind. At its core, it is a story rich RPG dungeon crawler with semi automatic turn based battles. The time you can spend in the dungeon is determined by your health points and when it goes to 0, you must leave the dungeon and regenerate it. It can be done by working or doing quests which can be progressed by... playing fast paced mini games.

You can get it here:


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