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Grevicor's Project Terrae (working title)

The project I am currently working on. The plans are quite ambitious. I want to create a top-down RPG game with procedurally generated world and online co-op (and maybe a bit of PvP) for up to four players. The game would support features such as dungeon exploration, gathering materials, crafting, building shelters/houses, a story and so on. The game is currently on a very early stage and I am not sure if I'll be ever able to finish it but I am doing my best :)

What is the plan?

I would really like to develop this game with a help of a community so I can make a game which players will enjoy, not a game that I only think players would enjoy. The game will be divided into a few chapters. Each chapter will be released as a free update containing new content, mechanics and continuation of the story. My current target is to create a prologue and depending on how much attention it will attract I will either continue the development or just give up my hopes for the game :(

What will the prologue contain?

- A procedurally generated world with caves, dungeons and biomes (plains, desert, coast, ocean)
- Different enemies each with different strength and bechaviour
- At least one boss
- Multiple different weapons and armors
- A few different accessories to choose from
- Material gathering and crafting
- Building houses, putting furniture, planting trees and (maybe) farming
- gathering food which will boost your stats and will be "equipable"